A Smarter Inside Sales Organization

Utilizes Science and Data

The Inside Sales Geek’s knowledge of inside sales organizations combined with years of research on the subject provides a deeper understanding of where to position a company for future success. Nearly 70% of all customers are informed prior to engaging a sales transaction. Technology, social media, and access to information, in general, has changed the sales paradigm. Many companies are still using outdated methods, or so-called new methods, that are just masquerading to be innovative. For instance, poor hiring practices are costing companies thousands on inside sales agent attrition expenses. Our approach is exclusively concentrated on your organization’s challenges and desired outcomes because we are focused on helping inside sales organizations maximize overall performance.

Founded by Richard Conde, Inside Sales Geek provides over 10 years of senior inside sales leadership experience, data and research expertise, and customer focus to help companies excel their inside sales operations. Our mission is simple, a smarter way to sales performance and leadership. 

Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional services that help you achieve your business goals. Do you need help with building a strategic business plan? What about one-on-one leadership development to take your managers to the next level? We’ve got that.

Comprehensive Programs

Our dynamic programs cover businesses in a variety of stages and sizes. Whether you’re creating a new inside sales team, have a large team, or want to introduce a new concept, our programs fit the bill.

Amazing Results

Where do we deliver the most? In our client’s results. We’ve worked with small and large companies alike. Always focusing on your specific needs. We provide a guarantee that if you follow our plan and don’t see amazing results, you don’t pay.