Key Findings from Inside Sales Research

A substantive inside sales research provides a clear perspective of how successful sales managers influence hiring. 

Culture Rules

Inside sales managers that focus on potential rather than functional knowledge are able to influence hiring decisions that provide long term benefits to the organization. Successful sales managers hire to fit the corporate culture. Hence, if a top candidate is in conflict with the corporate culture, the sales manager moves to the next candidate. This approach creates a culture where employees are likely to refer job candidates to the organization. Also, sales managers are willing to hire on potential and not on prior sales functional background. These leaders are confident in the right culture, individuals can learn new skills and thrive to be successful. 

Be Influential

Successful sales managers take it upon themselves to influence their company’s hiring practices. They realize a sense of ownership to make their employee’s lives better. A focus on hiring for culture and making every effort to influence recruiting and hiring practices creates a culture that increases sales agent retention. 

It Takes More Than Dollars

Sales departments are mired in providing incentives as a means to retain talent. This study confirms what many other data points have proven over the past few years. There is little correlation between agents who exceed goals and their retention. Time to do something different.